Do you have trouble sleeping?

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Many people have trouble sleeping. Here, I look at simple ways to improve sleep

Many people have trouble sleeping and can’t sleep soundly on a regularly basis. Trouble sleeping can relate to: a long time falling asleep, or poor sleep quality. Small behavioural changes can have large improvements in sleep quality before nutrition/supplements are necessary. See the sleeping tips summary at the bottom of the post if you’re in a rush. If not, then read on here.

Some simple and effective things to help you sleep better would be: ensure your bedroom has dark curtains; switch off bright lights in the hour before sleep; take a warm bath 90 minutes prior to sleep; avoid the use of technology before bed. These small steps can help us to feel more relaxed before bed. Apply these changes before any nutritional/supplement are considered. And try to make your routine consistent! After such changes have been made, some nutritional things to help you sleep are discussed below. (Just reading about melatonin makes me sleepy…)


Magnesium deficiencies are often associated with poor sleep quality. This may specifically relate to those who sweat a lot and/or are athletes, as some magnesium is lost through sweating. This may also be prevalent in those who do not consume enough magnesium from their diet. Thus, magnesium supplementation may be more warranted in these situations. Consider increasing your intake of almonds, cashews and spinach, as well as pumpkin seeds and a variety of beans. In addition, a 200mg supplement of Magnesium would be a good place to begin supplementation if you are magnesium deficient.

Melatonin is another supplement that can ease trouble sleeping, primarily by decreasing the time it takes to fall asleep. Taking melatonin roughly 30 minutes prior to bed appears to be most effective. Remember, darkness will help to maximise melatonin production anyway, so ensure your room is dark.

Other supplements worth consideration include Lemon balm & Lavender oil. These can be used within aromatherapy i.e. as candles/oils, or consumed through oral supplementation. Before commencing supplementation, talk to a medical professional. Prior to that, ensure you are doing everything you can to give yourself the best possible chance of sleeping well naturally.

Sleeping tips

Dark room, no technology 1 – 2 hours before bed, read instead, eat some nuts, spinach & beans most days, experiment with aromatherapy oils

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