Sidney Atkinson

Nutrition for powerlifting

Thanks to the help of Discovery nutrition I was not only able to make weight for my powerlifting competition, but I was also able to learn a great deal about the direction I should be taking when planning my nutrition for powerlifting. My goal was to maintain by body weight (92kg) and improve body composition in order to be as strong as possible in that weight class. Thankfully I was able to achieve this goal with the help of Jack Matthews at Discovery Nutrition.

Sidney Atkinson

sidney atkinson competitive powerlifterThe initial consultation consisted of a very thorough analysis of my current eating habits and nutritional status. In addition to this, a detailed description of my training and work schedule was recorded. From this wealth of information a fully personalised and specific eating plan was sent to me which included an array of recipes and suggestions. Although the meal plan provided a solid structure and routine for my nutrition, there was also a great deal of variation that prevented tedium.

Nutrition has never been an area of expertise for me so it was very interesting to learn from a true professional. I feel confident now that I am able to structure my nutrition in conjunction with my training, whereas before I wasn’t at all. This has helped my recovery and general organisation massively which in turn has allowed me to progress and achieve my goals.

Thank you once again Discovery Nutrition!

Message from me (Jack Matthews): Sidney Atkinson has a mature head on a young set of shoulders. He has the attitude and ability to compete at very high levels over the next few years, and will surely continue to add size to his frame. Sidney’s consistency (with regard to his diet) will ensure he does everything right, from a nutrition standpoint, to aid his performance, I have no doubt.