Weight loss and Performance nutrition About 18 months ago, I decided to change they type of workouts I was doing and hit a crossfit gym and loved it! Every workout is a challenge and learning about lifting weights properly and getting technique right so I can lift heavier is amazing! I did the usual thing, […]

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Charlie Baker

Everybody should see Jack Matthews! Jack is not your average nutritionist; he not only has a wealth of nutrition knowledge but he is truly passionate about sharing this knowledge and getting each individual to their goals and making them feel superhuman through food. I wanted a nutritional programme to support my daily weight training and get a better balance […]

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Gary Bansor

gary bansor

Nutrition for the marathon I started working with Jack Matthews at Discovery Nutrition in September 2014, and have been delighted by the results. I’ve always been interested in staying fit, and as a keen runner and triathlete enjoy challenging myself by taking on new events. However, after a year of training and competing in numerous events […]

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Daryll Atkinson

Daryll Atkinson I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your supportive guidance that you have shared with me… I enjoy the new food and value the healthy dinner recipes you gave me.  This has now become part of my everyday eating habits.  So much so, that my wife also shares the […]

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Kate Gulliver

Kate Gulliver I contacted Jack after despairing at reaching my highest weight… I have been a long standing member of Slimming World, struggling with the balance of watching what I eat, low calorie snacks, hidden sugars, hectic work, family and social life. My weekly calls with Jack helped me to understand more about what my […]

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