Melissa Langley

Performance nutrition

This wasn’t the first time I have enlisted the help of a nutritionist to work with me alongside my training. I had used a popular and well-recognised nutritionist previously and saw really good results in that I am now very lean. However, after the 12 week plan I wasn’t seeing the benefits in my training, numbers weren’t going the way I wanted them to and I wasn’t feeling my best.

I came across Jack Matthews through him working closely with Crossfit Ivy and had an initial chat with Jack about where I was, but to understand it better we went through a food diary and also my training schedule… this I particularly liked because I knew that what we were doing was tailored to me, not something that I had experienced before.

Melissa Langleymelissa langley

When I first started talking to Jack I was adamant I needed structure to my food and to be told to eat this, this, and that to perform the way I wanted to, but with Jack’s approach I could make my own decision on what I wanted to eat and actually now prefer that. Now that I understand the counting of macronutrients and what I need to be hitting on a daily basis, if that’s a rest day, single, or double training I can play around with it a bit more.

I also learnt that I don’t have to be strict all of the time and beat myself up when I have a treat… in fact I was encouraged to eat Nutella… how good is that – as long as it works against (or ‘with’) the rest of what I am eating that day.

Most people who work out rely quite heavily on Protein shakes, yet I have got to the point where I am including enough Protein in my diet that I don’t need to supplement it anymore.

Working with Jack has really helped me to understand nutrition a lot more, and take more of a flexible approach to it. If I want to eat out I can, if I want a treat I can. I now just love food even more 🙂 My previous nutritionist experience was online based, no interaction with a human just a generic plan, whereas working with Jack on a one to one basis made the experience so much better, and he didn’t mind me asking stupid questions!!

Message from me (Jack Matthews): work with Melissa Langley was super easy! She’s one of the most motivated clients I’ve had. She trans immensely hard, and takes her nutrition seriously too.

We worked together to formulate a more specific nutrition plan geared to her training regimen. Her previous nutritionist had perhaps put her ‘leanness’ before her training needs. So we flipped these two around. We increased carbohydrates, decreased protein and fats slightly, and also discussed where to make dietary improvements regarding rest days, and supplements (some of which she was taking unnecessarily).

So far, her training has been going really well, and subjectively, she’s feeling much better. I hope it continues Mel!!