Jay Dallas

Weight loss and performance nutrition

Jay Dallas came to see me originally because he was a little fed up of training incredibly hard, on a regular basis, but not losing weight, or making much progress with regards my physical appearance.

[This is something I see regularly, and I think it’s one of the reasons why people like to quote the ’80:20′ rule e.g. it’s 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. Unfortunately this is oversimplified, and a little misguided. That being said, Jay’s example was one in which he was unable to ‘outrun a poor diet’ so to speak].

Jay’s strength and conditioning is ever-improving, and he just felt he needed a little guidance regarding his nutrition. [He was also kind enough to say that I “… came highly recommended through my friends/training partners at Crossfit Ivy]. Thanks Jay!!

jay dallasJay Dallas

Here are some words from Jay:

You gave me guidance on sustainable food swaps and an overall better knowledge about nutrition. One of the best and most successful bits of nutrition advice given was swapping my nightly bowl of ice cream for a pot of Total greek yoghurt with either a little protein powder mixed in, or some berries. A really great idea for me that has worked well… although I do have a weekly treat of my favourite ice cream.

I think this is a really great comment!! It highlights that sustainability and balance are key to being able to maintain a diet that works!

Here’s Jay again:

Over the 12 weeks I have managed to drop ~8 kilos in weight, but more importantly I have managed to maintain, and even improve, my strength lifts in certain areas. I was a little worried about dropping over a stone in weight and losing some of strength numbers that I had previously set. But this wasn’t the case, which I’m very happy about…. I have learned that although I thought I was consuming an adequate portion of fruits and vegetables, this was not the case.

This last comment really highlights the increase in knowledge and intuition that Jay gained through our collaboration:

I also learned the importance of keeping my protein intake high, which I believe was the main factor in my maintaining my strength in training. And lastly, I now understand and know when my body needs a carbohydrate source. I thought that I required them much more than I actually do, and learning about this has been a massive help to me and will assist me as we move forward.

Message from me, Jack Matthews: Jay was a pleasure to work with. He soaked up information like a sponge, and wasn’t afraid to ask questions, not matter how ‘silly’. He applied the new knowledge and insight gained consistently, with enthusiasm, and his results speak for themselves. His progress will no doubt continue too, so this is by no means the end of the road. Well done Jay Dallas!!

Jay now runs his own bootcamp through 30+ Mens Fitness

You can contact Jay through his own facebook page HERE