Ian Bailey

Nutrition for boxing, and making weight

Ian BaileyWith the help of performance nutritionist Jack Matthews at Discovery Nutrition, I was able, for the first time in 31 professional fights, to reach my fighting weight without resorting to drastic measures of dehydration, and starvation. I felt far stronger and both physically and mentally sharper, and it showed in my performance in the ring and throughout training. I would definitely recommend him to other boxers, or athletes in weight governed sports, as having the proper nutrition makes a bigger difference than I thought it could.

Message from me (Jack Matthews):

Nutrition for boxing is largely overlooked and often ignored. The consequences of not paying correct attention to nutrition can be very dangerous. Fortunately, Ian was open-minded enough to seek the advice of a performance nutritionist.

Working with Ian Bailey was a great experience, and a real eye-opener for me regarding the sport of boxing, and more specifically how to effectively prepare for a fight. Ian and I collaborated, and formulated a number of different diet plans. The different ‘days’ provided a variety of foods, all the while ensuing he hit his macronutrient targets. Specifically, he always consumed sufficient protein relative to his size and weight, and training demands. We had lower carbohydrate days and higher carbohydrate days too. In addition, a slight calorie deficit allowed him to steadily lose body fat over the 10 week fight preparation. The nutrition plan we put in place ensured his training intensity remained high; in fact, his training was better than ever. Plus, we ensured that any supplements he was taking were beneficial to his training intensity & weight loss goals.

Ian BaileyAs well as his diet plan to prepare him for the weigh-in, we also formulated a post weigh-in nutrition plan, for the 24 – 32 hours before the fight. Ian Bailey absolutely nailed this; he went in to the ring a full 8kg heavier than his weigh-in the day before! He felt fit, strong and fast, and started the fight far more explosively than normal.

All together, a very successful partnership from a nutrition, training and performance stand point, and I wish Ian every success in the future.