Christophe Demoulin

Time trial cyclist and performance nutrition

Jack and I started working together just in time for my final preparation for the Condor 3 day stage race. From our very first conversation, I realised that I only understood the basics of good sports nutrition for cycling. Jack brought the experience and knowledge to get me to a better place where nutrition would not just sustain my cycling, but push me further throughout a season of intensive training and racing.Christophe Demoulin

Initially, I provided Jack with a food diary to give him an idea of what my food habits were like. He proposed numerous alternatives for individual ingredients, or complete meals in some cases. We discussed at length the benefits of balancing fat, carbs and protein for training, racing and recovery. We also developed a plan around supplements, reducing my previous intake to those that would benefit me that I wouldn’t find in “normal” food. In each case, my curious nature tested and probed with counter arguments and alternatives, and in each case, Jack had the knowledge and supporting documentation to answer my questions.

Christophe Demoulin

Over the course of the season, Jack and I kept in regular contact to develop an overall strategy for cycling nutrition, including both racing and training. Jack also did a thorough analysis on a weighted food diary over several days and a weekend.

Christophe DemoulinNow, my daily nutrition has changed considerably. With Jack’s help, I have incorporated several simple, affordable changes to my diet to promote recovery from daily training, while providing nutrition for all types of riding and racing, from short 10mi TT’s through to 5+ hour intense rides. While the internet is full of information, a performance nutritionist like Jack will serve to dial in the right plan for each individual. Jack was attentive, well informed and followed through all actions during our work together. Testament to his value: I came a very close 2nd at the Condor 3 day – a feat I am certain I would not have achieved without Jack’s recovery and preparation nutrition strategies.