Adrian O’Sullivan

Nutrition for endurance cycling

I’m new to Endurance cycling and, although I appreciated the importance of nutrition for endurance cycling, I did not fully understand how to achieve it. Having learnt a very hard lesson last year after competing in the 2014 TransContinetal bike race – a 4,000km bicycle race from London to Istanbul, finishing in 7th place – having lost over 20lbs in 10days.

This year (2015) I entered The TransAmerican Bike Race – over 4,300 miles across America from the west coast to the East coast – and wanted to be competitive. Therefore, I knew I had to learn about nutrition for endurance cycling, and so I solicited the help of performance nutritionist, Jack Matthews.

Jack worked with me on a personal level, in the months leading up to the race. Through one to one skype calls and personal appointments, I was able to discuss face to face with Jack what I wanted to achieve. He then educated me in the different food groups I needed. Taking into account the amount, time, and more importantly reason for these choices, I had an amazing experience in America – finishing in 5th place! I attribute a lot of my hard work in the race, and more importantly the months leading up to it, to having a balanced diet that gave me the energy to 1) Train and 2) Recover after training.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jack for any tailored nutritional needs, particularly in situations like nutrition for endurance cycling. A very likeable persona coupled with a young initiative approach to an ever increasing science. Thank you Jack for helping make my experience in America amazing.

Message from me (Jack Matthews): Adrian O Sullivan, you did incredible! The funniest thing was when he told me he was thinking about me, eating ice cream in a motel half-asleep, saying “you need to eat more, keep eating”. I’m glad you made it!! And I’m glad you had a great experience. AND, I’m glad people thought you looked so healthy/well at the end of the race! You did all the hard work, and it was a pleasure supporting you, in any little way that I did.