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Sports nutrition for endurance athletes

carbohydrate source pasta

Sports nutrition for endurance athletes “Ultimately, the athlete who optimizes post exercise nutrition after an acute bout of exercise will be best positioned to maintain or enhance performance during a subsequent bout and/or to adapt, over time, to the repeated stress of multiple exercise bouts (i.e., training)” What this means: the athlete who takes their […]

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Pre race nutrition

How many carbohydrates DO I really need? In this blog post, I review a journal article that highlighted the influence of pre race dietary carbohydrates for marathoners. More specifically, the researchers wanted to find the ‘answers’ that led to improved marathon performance in sub-elite runners. One of the answers was a greater carbohydrate intake… Brief: […]

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What causes muscle cramps during exercise?

stretching for cramp

Watch the video for a 2 minute soundbite of what causes muscle cramps, or read on for more information if you prefer. Muscular cramping is typically experienced by people in a variety of situations, including: pregnancy, sleep, or exercise. The blog below relates specifically to exercise induced muscle cramps, referred to in the literature as […]

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