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footer-testimonial-3“I came a very close 2nd at the Condor 3 day – a feat I am certain I would not have achieved without Jack’s recovery and preparation nutrition strategies.”
right-arrowStep 1: Download a pre-consultation form and email it to me at
right-arrowStep 2: We’ll schedule a 15-minute Discovery call and make sure we’re the right fit for one another.
right-arrowStep 3: We’ll then select the right service for you, based on your pre-consultation form and our Discovery call.
right-arrowStep 4: Book a formal 90-minute consultation.
right-arrowStep 5: Receive your Discovery Nutrition program and associated support.
I offer three programs:


The Discovery Nutrition PRIMER provides you a pathway to simple, sustainable and effortless weight loss, or sport performance improvement. It is suited to individuals who want a sound base with which to begin making nutritional change. You may have heard many different opinions about what works and what doesn’t, and you’re not sure which source is credible. You may not have ‘loads’ of time to spend preparing food either, but want to know some simple, quick & effective strategies that have long-lasting health, weight & performance benefits. You may actually consider yourself well-versed in nutrition, but don’t want to be tied down by restrictive diets. You may have a partner and/or children also, and, therefore, have to cook for two or more

In the Discovery Nutrition Primer you’ll discover my easy “meal plan guide”, my “good, better, best meal selector” and a suggested 3-day menu, plus much much more!


The Discovery Nutrition ACCELERATE lays out a more structured approach to nutrition, and satisfies those of you who want and enjoy a more consistent meal structure. Some of my clients that benefit from this type of service may already be using tracking devices, such as My Fitness Pal. As such, following some tailored meal plans is no sweat! You may cook alone, or tend to consume similar meals most days of the week. You’re very “into” your sport and exercise, and are now looking to take your performance to the next level. You’re not a stranger to Tupperware & food preparation is not an issue, and you may even have some experience with weighing food previously.

Discover tailored meal plans, inclusive of training days and rest days, and effective food swaps for each plan. Plus, we’ll continue to utilise My Fitness Pal if you’re already tracking!


The Discovery Nutrition COMPLETE is your ticket to elite levels of performance and body composition. This programme requires a little more dedication to food & meal preparation than the Accelerate program, and is the highest level of service I provide. That being said, everything included is designed to be as straightforward to follow as possible. Most meals will need to be weighed, as specific calorie intakes are targeted. Individuals wanting to achieve low levels of body fat, or aiming to meet a certain weight requirement, are the people that will benefit most here. Athletes here would include, for example, boxers or fighters making weight for a fight or physique athletes preparing for a competition.

Full macronutrient calculations are necessary, as is overall caloric intake. And multiple meal plans are designed and updated as necessary.

footer-testimonial-3“I feel confident now that I am able to structure my nutrition in conjunction with my training, whereas before I wasn’t at all. This has helped my recovery and general organisation massively which in turn has allowed me to progress and achieve my goals.”