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The benefits of statins

benefits of statins

The benefits of statins on extending life and postponing mortality The benefits of statins are numerous, and they are important drugs for the prevention of atherosclerotic conditions such as a stroke, myocardial infarction or limb ischaemia (Kristensen et al. 2015). In other words, statins are effective drugs in delaying or preventing the onset or recurrence of heart […]

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Neat | Resistance to fat gain


Neat | Non exercise activity thermogenesis and why you should fidget more Research suggests that people are more or less likely to gain weight when they overeat – people don’t all gain weight in the same way, uniformly. More specifically, the activation of non exercise activity thermogenesis occurs to a greater extent in some individuals, when […]

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What’s the recommended salt intake?

recommended salt intake

What actually is the recommended salt intake, and is it related to high blood pressure? Despite widespread claims to the contrary, both a very high and a very low salt diet appear to increase one’s chances of cardiovascular related disease and mortality. It had previously been suggested that only a high salt diet led to such […]

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Going gluten free?

going gluten free

Are you thinking of going gluten free? You may want to think again! The only available treatment for those with coeliac disease/celiac disease, is a lifelong adherence to a gluten free diet. A gluten free diet benefits individuals with an intolerance to gluten, and radically reduces, and eliminates, the uncomfortable side effects of gluten consumption. […]

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Excess carbohydrates

excess carbohydrates

Is there such as thing as too much carbs? Excess carbohydrates & de novo lipogenesis This topic always fascinated me! “What would happen if you significantly overfed on carbohydrates?” i.e. once your carbohydrate stores were full, what would happen to the excess carbohydrates. Fortunately, the guys at Mac-Nutrition unearthed a gem of a paper HERE – arguably one […]

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Does lack of sleep cause weight gain?


Intuitively speaking, longer sleep seems better than shorter sleep, but does lack of sleep cause weight gain? The material below will detail in brief the suggested mechanisms by which a lack of sleep may lead to increase in the risk of obesity and diabetes. I have taken this information from a journal article HERE – The […]

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