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Plant Positive and other nutrition blogs to follow

I came across THIS┬ánutrition/diet blog recently, titled Plant Positive, and was absolutely blown away by the level of detail the writer/producer goes in to. There’s some subjects that just require a massive dive into the research, coupled with an analytical and critical mind, and this blog does an awesome job of taking a very discerning look at all aspects of one topic.

The writer of plant positive is anonymous, and says so, and why, on his site. In each one of his posts he transcribes what he says in the attached video. So you can read the information, or listen to it and watch the slideshow.

The writer has included a series on the DIET-HEART hypothesis (the link between eating cholesterol/fat in the diet, increasing cholesterol in the blood, in turn increasing one’s risk of heart disease). Watch the presentation HERE

He also does a few short posts on the Godfather of low-carb, high-fat diets, Stephen Phinney, where the idea for low-carb came from and why it’s perhaps not a great idea for athletes. See it HERE

He also has a mammoth series about Gary Taubes. I have not watched these yet, although look forward to it. I saw Gary present earlier this year at the Epic Fitness Summit. He debated Alan Aragon on the role of carbohydrates/insulin in fat gain and obesity. It was fairly clear his arguments were flawed; he was an engaging and likeable speaker nonetheless. See the series on Taubes HERE

I’ll post again regarding various blogs that I follow. These are not for the feint-hearted, normally require that you have some understanding of physiology and research design, and that you have a considerable amount of time available. However, they’re a great place to go should you want to further your knowledge!!