Healthy snack ideas

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I have to thank a mentor of mine (Martin Macdonald, founder of Mac-Nutrition) for these healthy snack ideas. These healthy snack ideas are an awesome choice when your searching for snacks. The food items don’t require cooking, can be stored at room temperature and last for many weeks, thus making them ideal as a healthy snack. Also, these foods are incredibly nutritious, will help to stabilise energy levels and banish feelings of hunger! Nuts contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, essential for day-to-day health and well-being (like I said in a another post about almonds). AND, most if not all parents are continually on the lookout for healthy snacks for kids. Well, this snack will suit both you and your children! Give it a go. It’s a “homemade trail mix”.

Include: 85% Dark Chocolate, either Green and Blacks or Lindt; Almonds; Cashews; and Flaked Coconut. Alternatively, consider adding: Brazil nuts; Walnuts; dried Mango; dried Pear; Pistachio nuts.

How? Place all ingredients inside a Tupperware pot and snack liberally as part of a balanced diet!

Experiment with the ingredients so that you design your perfect go-to snack option.