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The ketogenic diet

the ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet, ketosis, and the upsides When consuming a diet low in carbohydrates, there are a number of hormonal changes that place. These changes include: a reduction in circulating insulin levels; and an increase in glucagon. These changes, and the indirect effects of these changes, favour gluconeogenesis – the creation of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources, […]

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Why gluten free

gluten source wheat

Why are so many people going gluten free? In this post I’m going to write a short summary to a very interesting video. The video is a recording of a presentation produced by Alessio Fasano, one of the leading researchers on gluten, gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease. I was initially made aware of this video […]

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quick meal

What are fodmaps (and why you might be a victim)? Fodmaps stand for: Fermentable, Oligo-saccharides, Di-saccharides, Mono-saccharides and Polyols. Despite the complicated sounding names, they are just different types of carbohydrates (and they are found in a wide variety of foods). The reason that they’re important is that they may be the ‘suspect’ causing symptoms of […]

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