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Foods that cause gout

Alcohol makes gout worse

Here I look at the foods that cause gout and how you can treat/prevent it What is gout? Gout is a common and painful form of arthritis that tends to occur more frequently in men than women, and is more likely to occur as we age. Gout causes swollen, hot and stiff joints, and ensues when […]

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Do you have trouble sleeping?


Many people have trouble sleeping. Here, I look at simple ways to improve sleep Many people have trouble sleeping and can’t sleep soundly on a regularly basis. Trouble sleeping can relate to: a long time falling asleep, or poor sleep quality. Small behavioural changes can have large improvements in sleep quality before nutrition/supplements are necessary. […]

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Type 2 diabetes and meal frequency

High sugar foods

Do Type 2 diabetics require more frequent, smaller meals, or fewer, larger meals? Finding A recent study concluded that eating the same amount of calories in two meals, as opposed to six meals, improved a number of markers of health in people with type 2 diabetes (Kahleova et al. 2014). Why is this important? Well, […]

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Be aware of Metabolic Syndrome

refined carbohydrates

Metabolic syndrome: what it is and why it matters Metabolic Syndrome can be viewed as a collection of markers that indicate a predisposition to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other pathologic states and disorders (Volek and Feinman, 2005). It is generally accepted that these 5 markers or features include: obesity; high glucose and insulin […]

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Colorectal cancer and red meat

red meat cancer

Does eating more red meat increase one’s chances of colorectal cancer? Quote: “…the judgements and conclusions from a dietary health perspective have not been met with scientific consensus” (Alexander and Cushing, 2010). Red meat and colorectal cancer Despite a long and arduous attempt by researchers to establish a clear link between the consumption of red […]

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