About Discovery Nutrition

Discovery Nutrition is a performance nutritionist consultancy service started by me, Jack Matthews. As a sports performance nutritionist, my role is to provide high quality nutrition advice for sports performance clients. Based in London, I work predominantly in the London, Middlesex and Surrey areas. While most of my work tends to be face-to-face, some of my clients prefer remote nutrition advice, so I double up as an online sports nutritionist, working via email, skype and telephone. I primarily support clients through one-to-one consultations.

Situations where I excel:

  • Had 5 kilos to shed the week of the fight and struggled to make weight at weigh in?
  • Needed to cut water and food last minute to make weight for a lifting meet?
  • Worried about your weight on the bike?
  • Not sure whether to go low carb or high carb for endurance training?
  • Taking a whole host of supplements, but not sure which one’s are actually working?

Then you’re the type of athlete that would really benefit from my support! I’ll remove the stress, worry and unknowns regarding performance nutrition. Let me sort these issues out for you so that all you have to think about is performing. Contact Discovery nutrition, sports nutritionist London, and see the difference nutrition could make to your performance.

I created Discovery Nutrition so that performance nutrition advice no longer had to be so confusing! Sometimes it’s difficult to know which nutrition advice to follow when multiple sources give conflicting messages. I want to help correct this, and put an end to nutrition advice that’s either sub-optimal, or even the advice that can make your performance worse and not better! Ultimately, I want to give you the knowledge, guidance and reassurance so you’re certain your diet is contributing toward better performance and not detracting from it.

Disclaimer: I do not subscribe to fad diets or supplement crazes; I’m simply incredibly passionate about sports performance nutrition and will assist anyone willing to hear a unique approach to optimum nutrition.

Athletes that have benefited from my help include:

  • Team sport athletes like football and rugby players
  • Combat sports e.g. boxing
  • Weight & power lifting
  • Crossfit enthusiasts/competitors
  • Endurance athletes, including marathon, triathlon and ultra-endurance running
If you’re unable to meet face-to-face, or prefer to have remote nutrition advice, then do get in touch! I have experience with providing nutrition advice over the phone, via email or skype. Just let me know which method would suit you best!

About me

I’m an applied sports performance nutritionist, having gained qualifications in Applied Sports Nutrition. I hold a BSc and an MSc in Sport Sciences and a Diploma in Teaching. I’m also a UEFA-qualified football coach and a college lecturer.

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