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People come to me for three reasons: to lose weight, improve health, and enhance performance. As a sports nutritionist, my role is to support you in creating a diet that suits you and your lifestyle, sustains your training, and optimizes your competitive performance. Nutrition for sports performance is crucial: get it wrong and you face under-performing, illness and injury; get it right, and you stand a chance of performing to the best of your ability.

Sports nutritionist

Through clear, balanced and effective nutrition advice for sports performance, I’ll help you find the diet that helps you get stronger, faster and leaner. I’ve produced bespoke nutrition programs for many different athletes that help them to live better, train harder, and perform to their potential. I’ve helped fighters and lifters successfully make weight, cyclists and runners fuel effectively for training and race day, and team sport athletes improve their body composition. In working with me, you too will receive your very own Discovery Nutrition program, and be on the first step to real performance improvement.

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Low fodmap recipes

low fodmap recipes

Low fodmap recipes | Chocolate peanut butter and banana loaf Guest Blog: Carly Trigg from MyWellBeingJournal This is one of a number of low fodmap recipes that I use all the time!!  It’s a breeze to whip up in the kitchen, and helps you to stick to a low fodmap diet and still indulge in a […]

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Vitamin K foods

vitamin k foods

Vitamin K foods and why they’re essential In two previous articles I discussed vitamin K benefits on the body. Specifically, recent evidence suggests that vitamin K aids bone health, especially important in the elderly and post-menopausal women. In addition, vitamin K also appears very beneficial for the heart, and may even help to lower ones […]

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The benefits of Vitamin K

benefits of vitamin k

The benefits of vitamin K on heart health Vitamin K is important for optimal health, and the benefits of vitamin K are wide ranging. For example, vitamin K has many positive benefits on the skeletal system (HERE). In addition to aiding bone health, vitamin K is also suspected of assisting cardiovascular (heart and surrounding vessel) […]

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Vitamin K benefits

vitamin k benefits

Vitamin K benefits the bones In 2014 I attended a presentation by Dr. Susan Lanham-New, a researcher and professor at Surrey University. Dr Lanham-New specialises in Vitamin D and it’s effects on the body, as well as bone health. It was there that I was made aware of vitamin K benefits to the body, in […]

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The benefits of statins

benefits of statins

The benefits of statins on extending life and postponing mortality The benefits of statins are numerous, and they are important drugs for the prevention of atherosclerotic conditions such as a stroke, myocardial infarction or limb ischaemia (Kristensen et al. 2015). In other words, statins are effective drugs in delaying or preventing the onset or recurrence of heart […]

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Neat | Resistance to fat gain


Neat | Non exercise activity thermogenesis and why you should fidget more Research suggests that people are more or less likely to gain weight when they overeat – people don’t all gain weight in the same way, uniformly. More specifically, the activation of non exercise activity thermogenesis occurs to a greater extent in some individuals, when […]

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